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Whats the Justin Bieber ‘Somebody to Love’ dance contest, i can’t find any official announcements?

Question by ii♥MJ: Whats the Justin Bieber 'Somebody to Love' dance contest, i can't find any official announcements? I have found loads of videos saying 'Somebody to Love' dance contest entry. Can anyone find like an announcement by Justin Bieber or something because, to be honest im quite interested in entering. LOL thanks. Best answer: Answer by braca-montesme neither :/ Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! مترجمة عربي Video
How come a guy who is a justin bieber fan can’t get any respect ?

Michelle and Justin Bieber Image by Jon Åslund Michelle kom just tillbaka från att ha sett Justin Bieber-filmen i läckra, lila 3D-glasögon. Hon fick dessutom en poster. Nu är hon jätteglad och jag har glittrande blommor på naglarna. Question by Jack: How come a guy who is a justin bieber fan can't get any respect ? People call me gay all the time when i'm Straight. I think i
Why Defensive Driving Course Certificate can’t be used to get an auto insurance discount in Texas?

Dealer Prep Image by Dawn Endico Looking at the cars in the showroom was great but the best part of the Tesla dealership was the picture window looking into the garage. In these two pics there are 18 cars, plus at least a couple more I didn't shoot. At 0,000 each, that's a lot of insurance. I'm surprised the glass wasn't covered with more noseprints. I'm not